Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - armoured

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VIP version
Armored in B6 class according to the CEN standards

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The B6 level, defeats the FAL with the 7.62 x 51 rifle with the pointed bullet and the very common AK47 with the steel core bullet.The GERMAZ protection includes an all-over transparent / opaque cage shielding the driver and passenger seats together with the luggage area. This is prepared with the best quality materials and fabricated by skilled technicians. This protection is to European B6 level and is certified to defeat the following ammunition:
7.62 x 51 RG L2A2 at 843 m/s
7.62 x 39 PS 1943 ball at 709 m/s
5.56 x 45 RG L2A2 at 931 m/s
FNB SS109 at 942 m/s
and lesser threats

Sides - plates thickness 6 mm ARMOX T 500/5 mm ARMOX T 600
Floor -  plates thickness 4 mm ARMOX T 500 - protection against two DM51 hand grenades
Roof -  plates thickness 4 mm ARMOX T 500
Glass - thickness         38 mm

We offer vehicles in which passenger area and luggage area are armoured to B6 level of protection.

Multi-layer ballistic glass
Reinforced suspension
Armoured grill in B6
Armoured engine compartment on sides and 
on top from hood side in B6
Reinforced hinges of side and rear doors
Armouring of engine compartment
Window lifters
Alarm siren
Autoalarm + Immobiliser
Protected fuel tank
Central door locking
Beacon connector -Magcode
Fire extinguisher - Engine compartment GLORIA