AMRV G10 - armoured


Armoured Multi-Role Vehicle G10

High level of protection for safe mission and safety return to base

Force protection is one of the most important elements of the current military operations. Thanks to the structural solutions of armour and protection the highly mobile wheeled vehicle - AMRV G12 - designed by Germaz fully meets this requirement.


AMRV G10 offers its crew a high level of protection against both anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), as well as artillery splinters and gun fire. In addition, the vehicle can be equipped with a protection against NBS warfare.


In addition to providing a high level of protection, AMRV G10 is also capable to perform various tasks on the modern battlefield. With its high level of mobility, modularity and possibility to ease change of equipment configuration, the vehicle  can be quickly adapted to different tasks. AMRV G10 can be used worldwide in various missions, under a range of various weather or terrain conditions.

One vehicle - many applications

A perfect combination of protection, mobility and payload is a guarantee of effectiveness in carrying out various tasks


The development of modern armored vehicle, designed for various tasks, it is a constant search for the optimal balance between a high level of protection, mobility and payload capacity. This is particularly important challenge, because any imbalance between these important factors has a negative impact on the vehicle’s tactical capabilities and performance.


In the development of the AMRV G10 Germaz company used the state-of-the-art  design, materials and technologies and work with the Wrocław University of Technology and Daimler AG.
Germaz managed to create a 12.5-tons class wheeled armoured vehicle, which combines a high level of protection, a payload up to xx tons payload as well as an excellent off-road mobility, which makes AMRV G10 suitable in various world-wide military operations.

High performance, durable, simple servicing
AMRV G10 is based on proven, durable, militarised UNIMOG chassis, which ensures both outstanding performance and low life-cycle costs and due to its popularity enables user to reduce the requirements for training drivers and mechanics.
The low-maintenance and robust components provide considerable economic benefits. AMRV G10 is suitable for long-lasting and efficient use.
By working with the chassis manufacturer - Daimler AG, the user of AMRV G10 can benefit from a Mercedes – Benz worldwide service and logistic network.

AMRV G10 combines protection, mobility and payload

Main features of Germaz AMRV G10:
• High level of protection
• Outstanding off-road mobility based on the UNIMOG chassis
• Multi-role mission capabilities
• Worldwide service and logistics
• High economic efficiency due to low operating costs

The most effective protection

State-of-the-art technologies and materials, as well as the unique concept of an armoured body protect both the vehicle and its crew from a variety of threats. This is the best guarantee for safe mission accomplishment.
AMRV G10 will deal with difficult terrain conditions and different threats soldiers and their equipment can meet.


Proven solutions
All solutions applied to the Germaz vehicle has been tested by experts from the Wrocław University of Technology and army both computerized analytic methods and the range tests. All tests were carried out in accordance with STANAG 4569, AEP 55 testing conditions.
During extensive test has been verified not only resistance of AMRV G10 armor on small arms fire and explosions of various loads, but also the level of crew protection against the harmful effects of the explosion.

Safety Capsule
 AMRV G10 monocoque body - armoured capsule / citadel protecting the crew against gunfire, explosions, and the roll-over of the vehicle. The “diamond” shape of side walls increase capsule protection level against ballistic threats. The bottom of citadel is protected by integrated V- shaped anti-mine deflector.
AMRV G10 base ballistic protection is STANAG 4569 Level 2. Installation of additional protection kits (add-armor), allows to achieve STANG 4569 Level 3 or 4.

AMRV G10 mine protection is STANAG 4569 Level 4A/4B, which corresponds to withstand an explosion of 10 kg TNT charge under belly, or under one of the wheels.
The citadel interior is fitted with spall-liner. The floor inside the capsule is also protected by special shock absorbing  liner, which additionally protects the crew against mine blast effects (fragments, shock wave).

Seats that provide protection
The vehicle in this category as AMRV G10 is not just a chassis, armoured citadel, but also the equipment which provides protection of the crew against the blast effects, particularly dangerous accelerations (positive and negative). One of the main elements are blast attenuating seats equipped with multi-point safety belts.
Germaz in cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Technology has developed his own design mine-proof seats, specially designed for AMRV G10. This enabled a better fit of the seats to the geometry inside the vehicle, as well as vertical acceleration both while driving (ride quality) and during the explosion.
An additional advantage of developing their own design of the blast attenuating seats, was able to create a mounting system enhances the functionality and allows to easy change the configuration inside the vehicle, depending on user needs.


The wheels fitted to AMRV G10 are provided with off-road tires and with run flat inserts that allow to continue driving for a distance of 50 km in the event of destroyed tyre or loss of the tyre pressure. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a Central Tyre Inflation System, which allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure for different types of terrain (sand, mud, rocks, etc.).

NBC Protection

An NBC protection system installed in AMRV G10 allows the crew to safely continue tasks in a contaminated area.

Tactical and strategic mobility in all conditions

Narrow mountain roads, steep upward and downward slopes, mud, sand, or other terrain obstacles, wherever AMRV G10 will provide soldiers and their equipment to their destination.
Its outstanding cross-country mobility resulting from the application of highly mobile UNIMOG chassis. This rugged construction is the base for many different types of vehicles, civilian and military. This chassis also offers a large load –carrying capacity, which allows to achieve high levels of protection, regardless of the AMRV G10 configuration.
AMRV G12 is a high tactical and strategic mobility vehicle.

High Cross-Country Mobility

Basing on the UNIMOG chassis,  AMRV G10 has a high tactical mobility in various terrain conditions.
Features that distinguish rugged AMRV G10 chassis are:
• Special, very flexible ladder-type frame
• Shiftable all-wheel drive (4x4/4x2)
• Differential locks: central and on both axles
• Portal axles suspended on long travel coil springs

• Fording depth of 1.20 m without preparation
• Overcoming slopes of up to 60%

High strategic mobility

AMRV G10 is transportable by medium-size transport aircraft such as C-130 Hercules or A400M, or  bigger aircraft as the C-17 Globmaster III. This allows rapid deployment of the vehicle, anywhere where are operational needs for its use.


One platform – different tasks

Flexible concept
Apart from the high level of protection and high cross-country mobility, AMRV G10 also offers the possibility to adapt the interior configuration to current operational needs. Body concept also allows to change its structure, in accordance with customer requirements, to adapt the vehicle to tasks. AMRV G10 is a platform for whole family of various protected vehicles types.
The basic transport version AMRV G10 is designed to transport up to 10 troops  (2+8) and their equipment.

Additional variants will be based on the basis of the Germaz AMRV G:
- AMRV G5 – patrol and escort vehicle (citadel for crew up to soldiers, plus the cargo compartment)
- AMRV G-A / EV - Ambulance / Medical Evacuation

- AMRV G-RST – Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Vehicle
- AMRV G-C2/C3 - Mobile Command, Control & Communication Post,
- AMRV G-NBCRV – NBC reconnaissance vehicle
- AMRV G-WC – Weapon Carrier,
- ANRV G-Cargo/Shelter Carrier - Truck with platform or container
It is also possible to create version for police or security forces responsible for internal security.

Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance


On AMRV G10 can be installed various types of weapons from armored turrets remote controlled weapon stations, equipped with 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers.