... Who speaks of vehicle equipment, thinks of SORTIMO. Nowadays every second professional vehicle equipment comes from SORTIMO.
The vehicle equipments by SORTIMO are the consistent addition for safety and comfort in your vehicle..
Our subassemblies guarantee you better orientation, saved time, easier operation, secured tools, spare parts and safety for a driver and passengers. SORTIMO - all expertly and under the roof of your vehicle.

The subassemblies that are worth assembling.
Equipment parts - modules will be assembled on our safe floor so the floor of your vehicle will remain untouched. Additionally, a wall facing protects the interior. It prolongs the life of the vehicle and raises the value of your vehicle in a case of resale. Of course, the SORTIMO equipment will be compatible with your next vehicles. SORTIMO – you can rely on us

A new auto, the old order? NO!!!
What does a great load area offer you, if it is not used appropriately? What of it you use an Airbag, if an unfastened load leads to a danger.